Stadium Jammer

Stadium Jammer

Stadium Jammer
The Stadium Jammer is the culmination of special research toward the deployment of jamming systems over a broad area. With the threat of remote controlled improvised explosive devises targeting public arenas, sports complexes and outdoor gathering spaces, the solution has finally been reached involving multiple RF jamming systems that broadcast radio jamming signals.

When participants of a stadium location experience the effects of jamming systems, the inability to use wireless communications quickly becomes acceptable. As RF jamming systems make an appearance during speeches, radio jamming systems become part of the social norm.

For example, when the President of the United States drives down Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC, the cellular phones of mobile subscribers all lose connection with the local cellular networks. Is this a result of using a stadium jammer or a convoy jammer?

There are many discussions on stationary jammers and the limit of mobile phone communications. Yet when considering the the deadly nature resulting from the use of remote controlled weapons, the stadium jammers and stationary jammers used today are an necessity.

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