RF Jammer

RF Jammer

RF Jammer
The RF jammer is a transportable Bomb Jammer built into a ruggedized carrying case. RF jamming is disseminated in dual setting applications offering both mobile and fixed RCIED defeat features.

Although the RF jammer may perform as an IED jammer to block RCIED weapons from receiving detonation signals, it has other uses. It can be deployed to block radio, cellular and satellite voice communications. It can implement a jamming wave to block data reception of wireless networks. The RF jammer can also be used to eliminate surveillance signals with video feed from ground and air-based reconnaissance devices.

Although the VIP-300U RF jammer can be used with the Convoy Jamming system for convoy security, its intended purpose is different. The system is intended to be placed on site of an area that requires RF jamming.

As it is on wheels, it can be rolled onto a military barrack or fort. Once there, it can be connected to AC Mains power or DC battery power. At that point, its antenna is exposed, and the activation switch is turned on. RF jamming is instant, blanketing the area with radio interference to hinder the use of radio controlled bombs as well as radio communications.

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