Radio Jammer

Radio Jammer

Radio Jammer
With optional jamming modules, the Radio Jammer is the most powerful transportable RF Jammer available. Utilizing a proprietary barrage jamming technique, the Radio Jammer represents the 5th generation of transportable solutions to mitigate the threat of RCIEDs.

Like the VIP300U, this system utilizes the same proprietary Radio Jammer antenna. With additional RF Jammer modules, the system also incorporates additional antennas that are affixed to the inside cover. The enhanced power supply enables the supplemental jamming modules to conduct barrage jamming with optimal performance.

Unlike the VIP300U RF Jammer, our Radio Jammer model VIP300U/O can interface with a secondary power supply case. This auxiliary case can house additional batteries for extended jamming durations.

A typical deployment of the Radio Jammer involves the following scenario:
  • The user arrives at an outdoor or indoor site by vehicle - SUV or Truck.
  • The user brings the Radio Jammer and wheels it to the location of operation, and extends the antenna array.
  • The system is powered on, using either DC battery or AC Mains power.
  • Barrage Jamming is then disseminated, attacking radio detonators of RCIEDs.

Note: The descriptions of our products and systems are published for informative purposes only.  They are considered non-restricted.  However, members of law enforcement organizations, certain government agencies, and their respective vendors may contact us for additional information, live demonstrations, and custom solutions should they be required. NOTE:  IT IS ILLEGAL TO JAM ANY RADIO SIGNAL IN THE UNITED STATES.

Legal Notice from United Kingdom and United States legal affairs:  All Bomb Jamming devices, IED Jamming devices, RF Jamming devices, and RCIED Jamming devices in part or whole are strictly regulated by the US Department of State in accordance with the guidelines in the International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) per title 22, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Parts 120-130 . Therefore, if you are outside the United States of America, an export license must be obtained.  All sales and shipping are subject to license approval by US Department of State.

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