Programmable IED Jammer

Programmable IED Jammer

Programmable IED Jammer
The Programmable IED Jammer is the culmination of several technologies. Different from standard IED Jammers, this system is able to broadcast RF interference without relying on our factory settings.

Giving the user the ability to select which bands to jam, Programmable IED Jammers are sought by those who wish to use an RF Jammer that counters specific frequencies.

Because our programmable IED Jammer is user selectable, it can also be used for communication jamming. In addition, communication windows may be established for constant or intermittent broadcasting in hostile regions.

The VIP300C can work in conjunction with other IED Jammers to mitigate attack by improvised explosive devices while it allows for communication windows to remain open. This is important should an emergency call for help be required.

For example, when included in convoy security detail, the Programmable IED jammer may be used to cover narrow frequency bands while "carving out" a notch to communicate with others in and beyond the convoy.

With the VIP300C, users of IED Jammers come to understand the increased efficiency involved. While many IED Jammers produce what has come to be known as acceptable heat levels while amplifying the power necessary to jam IED threats, the Programmable IED Jammer is unique. It is built on the design of PLL stabilized components. This means the system can handle continual use without experiencing any degradation to its communication jamming signals.

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