Portable RF Jammer

Portable RF Jammer

Portable RF Jammer
The portable RF Jammer is built in a briefcase and conducts RF jamming. This RF Jammer works as an IED jammer. That means that it can defeat a cellular IED, satellite phone IED, mobile IED or a radio IED. Also called the Briefcase Jammer, it attacks the radio trigger used to activate a remote controlled IED.

Question: Is an RF Jammer in a portable configuration just as effective as a Bomb Jammer?

Answer: It depends on several factors. Many manufacturers make claims about how their RF Jammer will perform using their style of jamming and what method of jamming they employ. While we do not explain in full detail how RF Jammers such as the Briefcase Jammer are involved in countering IEDs to the general public, we can divulge the information that is open source.

These factors are the jamming method used by the RF Jammer ; spatial factors involving the radio transmitter in relationship to the radio receiver and the characteristics of the detonation signal in relationship to the specific frequencies used by the RCIED.

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