Armored Vehicle Jamming System

Armored Vehicle Jamming System

Armored Vehicle Jamming System
The first armored vehicle with the RF jamming system using our Bomb Jammer is the VIP-300. Consisting of a roof mounted RF jamming system that adheres to armored vehicles, the VIP-300 defends the user against attack by cellular RCIED, satellite phone RCIED, walkie-talkie RCIED and other remote controlled improvised explosive devises.

This armored vehicle with an RF jamming system is unique in purpose. While it works to defeat the remote controlled detonation during an RCIED attack, the armored vehicle is also designed to protect the occupants in the event of an IED attack.

In other words, should the nature of the attack not involve an RF trigger, the vehicle armor will work to absorb the shrapnel and defend against projectiles found in improvised explosive devises.

What other types of IEDs are there besides remote controlled?
  1. VBIED
  2. Pressure plate IED
  3. Suicide IED
  4. IRIED
Armored vehicles employing the VIP-300 Bomb Jammer , give an additional level of protection to those traveling in dangerous territories where the threat of RCIED attack and IED attack is high. The VIP-300 Bomb Jammer increases the chances of surviving an attack against an armored vehicle. All armored vehicles should use the Bomb Jammer series jamming system.
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