Do you currently market Electronic Warfare Countermeasures to Law Enforcement? The Military? Government Agencies? IED Jammers and IED Jammer technologies are now available to HSS Partners backed up by IED Jammer Sales & Marketing Support, IED Jammer Technical Support, IED Jammer Training Support, and Cooperative Assistance.

We find that training at our factory and / or offices is very helpful in order to fully understand the basics of our technologies.

To get involved and explore how to start reselling IED Jammers to Government, Military, and Law Enforcement Agencies, you can visit the Security Business Opportunities website. There you may learn more about the system solutions offered in the area of RF Jamming.

IED Jammers countermeasure systems featuring the Bomb Jammer ™ line of IED Jammers confront the problem of roadside bomb attacks by insurgents and terrorists who activate IED's by remote control. Bomb Jammer ™ Electronic Warfare IED Jammers give protective forces the edge against radio controlled IED's when traveling through hostile environments. Bomb Jammer™ Electronic Warfare IED Jammers may be available for resale by HSS Partners.

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